How I got involved with essential oils.

In 2013 one of my family members was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I took it upon myself to be her support person.  From that time on I researched every thing I could to help her.  Thank

goodness she is cancer free now.

I got myself involved with everything I could find.  I became a member of The Truth About Cancer.  There were several days of videos and  I watched every one. Then about 3 months ago there was another series and of course I as glued to my computer.  After that I received a book about essential oils in the mail.  I was so excited, it had  so much information that I couldn't put it down.  One of the authors had a series of videos about the essential oils and how they can help you with all sorts of problems.  I use them all the time now. They help with my blood pressure and since I'm a senior I use it for my skin and hair.  It's quite a ritual every night.


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